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The people can trust Trump all they want. But if he can’t deliver significant parts of what he promised during the campaign, the people (with plenty of media propagandist help) will tend to forget how politics really works (as if most of them have any idea anyway), and blame Trump. I would take VERY little to swing several states to the Democrats in 2020, and boot him out entirely. Or, even if the people didn’t want to try again with the Democrats, the Republican primaries could become a real problem for Trump. The people are fickle, and horribly uneducated, or worse, educated intentionally wrong.

I was reading the comments section under the story that appeared here in this thread (top article posted by WB), and was just amazed at the number of idiots that actually think an executive order applies to individual citizens as if it’s a law. And I didn’t find a single comment that took issue with those idiots! People don’t understand separation of powers, who does what, etc. They have no clue that an Executive Order can only apply to the Executive Branch of government. If an Executive Branch policy changes, yes that may affect citizens. But an E.O. cannot directly compel an individual citizen to do a darn thing – and very few people understand that. It’s that kind of failure to learn that leaves the people exceptionally vulnerable.

Add in the 2nd factor that I mentioned before – that of the Republicans in Congress. Today I’ve been closely watching what’s been going on with Senator Rand Paul regarding the Obamacare legislation. Jeff Bezos (Amazon) now OWNS the Washington Post, which is making a mockery of Paul, and failing to report what’s really going on, and what’s really the problem. From what I can tell, Paul and just a small handful of Republicans are probably closer to Trump’s views on what should happen to Obamacare (i.e. what SHOULD replace it) than anyone else. Yet WaPo has joined the chorus (perhaps even helping lead it) that paints Rand Paul as an idiot clown who has no business being a U.S. senator – rather than professionally reporting the issues and what he’s attempting to do. It’s Nancy Pelosi’s “we’ve got to pass the bill so we can see what’s in it” all over again – this time courtesy of the Republicans. The Republicans could keep this thing stalled so long that Trump will never get what he wants with healthcare insurance reform. And if they’re wrangling about that, they don’t get to tax overhaul (only one issue at a time, don’tchaknow!). I believe Rand Paul is a Republican canary – and they’re trying to (at least figuratively) kill him but not make it look like it’s because of what REALLY is happening in the mine.

It’s this kind of cr@p by the Republicans that feeds the Democrat agenda and narrative that concerns me, fanned by the media which too many people still believe at least gives them enough of the “truth” that they keep listening and watching. Congress may be dead last in trustworthiness, but they still control what ends up on Trump’s desk – if anything. I hope you’re view is more correct than mine.