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Trump made the peace offer to the democrats at the state of the Union….. They’re not buying it. I can’t imagine a law. Militia with lgbt and pc guns. Lolanity. ( laughing insanely)
Thats almost as good as the brothers three Muslim-Americans IT workers doing stuff on the intell committee computers. Classified info for free.
Ny has a motto fwiw. The Empire State. The libs here want a constitutional convention. There is no official militia. If Trump somehow put into play militia/guns as a constitutional issue, the country would start spinning, reeling, stumbling. But I would like to see a national CC permit. However given the history of NY at getting a high security drivers license the prospects of any improvements look dim and dimmer. National ID is not something the democrats want.

Does any of this make sense? It follows whatever the Republicans want, a better economy for instance, the democrats are going to be on the opposite side of the issue. The same with Presidents Trumps agenda. There are no little compromises. Every little concession to the democrats is a wedge to throw troops thru for a more vicious attack. Guns is a hate word to them. Clintons war on the militia and the massacre at Waco. USA is in a war.

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