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So much in a 2-paragraph post! Organizing for Action with 250+ well funded offices around the US, 30,000 60’s-style radicals updated to the 21st century, training 25,000 more, and their Dear Leader living just down the street from his previous residence for the last 8 years. Yep – two presidents indeed. And nearly ½ of the Congress showed exactly where they stand tonight as that side of the chamber nearly had a trampling as the aisles immediately filled and those seats emptied en masse, on cue, at the last word of the speech.

Bush I ? Ask the families of the POWs known to have been alive as the Hanoi Hilton was emptied in 1973, what they think of “41” who presided over their declaration as KIA, permanently MIA, etc. We had a chance to change things in a major way with the little computer man – but he wasn’t part of the establishment.

Saddam (and Rumsfeld)? See attached photo and accompanying narrative. WMD and proxy war with Iran indeed….

Queue up Sonny and Cher for this one: “And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on….”