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President Trump has a big increase in funds for the military. We all know where it’s coming from. Defund every single one of the sanctuary enclaves. They’re owned by the liberals. They’re owned by Obama. Can we have two Presidents?

If I Remember the rise of ayatollah Khomeini in Iran. The shah was no saint but the ayatollah was a devil. I voted for Ross Perot and read On Wings of Eagles. I certainly hated Bush Sr. For his attempt to threaten Perot’s family. So low and everybody’s forgotten the dirty politics surrounding Iran. The myth of the ugly American was a myth. Colby and his white suit. He was a killer. Who can forget puppet saddam waging a proxy war on Iran for the USA. The human wave attacks by Iranian students fighting saddams tanks. We started the war on Islam and “we condemn hate in all its ugly forms” Trump. Lol The USA let the genie out of the bottle we better get our military act together.

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