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Just for reference, pick them apart if you like, following are several sites that talk about the tie between Islamism and freemasonry. I put these forward in the FWIW category only, not being married to the claims/concepts, just having seen many, many more like them.



Even the Masons themselves are dealing with King Abdullah II (Jordan) and his claim about the Muslim Brotherhood and the masons:


More on that in an article in The Atlantic magazine about King Abdullah II where he mentions the “fact” that the “Muslim Brotherhood—a ‘Masonic cult’ (as he describes it) that today controls the most formidable political organization in Jordan, the Islamic Action Front—to hijack the cause of democratic reform in the name of Islam.”


Abdullah II lives there, deals with these groups every day, and is highly educated and intelligent. I suspect he’s got reasonably decent reasons to make such clams. As for me, I don’t live there, am not any kind of expert of any sort on Freemasonry, so what do I know…? I just did a search-engine search on “Freemasonry” and “Muslim Brotherhood” as my search terms. It’s amazing how, despite the number of western conspiracy sites that picked up on it, we also see a large number of mid-eastern sites making these claims.