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Sledjockey … If I recall correctly from my 7th grade history book, George Washington was a Freemason. We fought a war with English Freemasons to liberate ourselves from King George. Freemasons on both sides died. Conspiracy is what happened when Kennedy was murdered and selective assassination became a weapon of the US government. I don’t know what conspiracy laden cool aid you’re talking about. We don’t call it the the human rat race for nothing. Could you be more specific. Bilderbergers only talk as far as I know. U.S. History by the way is very well documented – power money corruption. If you want to see a real conspiracy why don’t you look at the Podesta emails revealed by wiki. And then there are the Hillary state department emails which the fbi still hasn’t released. Or should I say refuses to release. Who are the real Freemasons today. Snowden Manning Trump Assange They could have had very nice lives without bringing this shitstorm down on themselves. If you want to get worried about an organization…. Better start thinking about who your neighbors are? This country is gettin crazier than a toga party at the animal house. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

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