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GS, I have seen ads for some of the new home security technology, and it really is pretty neat. For us anything that relies on cell phones is iffy as coverage is spotty outside of population centers due to the mountainous nature of this State. Our son installed a booster to make coverage more reliable in the Great Room, but even then we sometimes have problems sending or receiving messages via cell phone. This is why we have a land line phone.

Our security system does include fire detection for which we would expect rapid response from the local volunteer force. Being my town doesn’t have a public water system anywhere, there aren’t any hydrants to connect to, but the fire dept is slowly installing dry hydrants in river beds to tap into. The old system relied on filling tanker trucks from hydrants in the nearby larger town which was far from ideal. There is one of those dry hydrants just a few hundred feet from my place, and the auxiliary fire station next to that so we’re in pretty good hands that way. Just little in the way of police protection is all.