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ah Xmas when all the thieves come out to prey. From what I’ve heard the top acquisitions are :

There was a burglary here a few years ago for valuable paintings. They hit the place at night during a big snowstorm when the owners were on vacation. The house had an alarm system to the local cops and a security firm. The local cops got there in 10 minutes but the thieves were already gone. They knew what they were doing. Can’t say I like inviting people into my house anymore especially since at least half our relatives turned out to be crooks. But since they’re democrats that really wasn’t a surprise.
My old Sony tv is so heavy it would take two linebackers to carry it off. Of the two objects that would make a good gun safe it would be the Sony tv or our very old piano. The piano weighs a ton.

Our neighbor has hired the security firm or so he says. I put a trail cam out so it watches his back door. I imagine he has an indoor security system that alerts the cops if anyone is inside the house without authorization. This isn’t a high crime area afaik. Crime info though is hard to get. There are certainly a lot of things happening we don’t hear about because we’re not in the gossip clique. When we go away for the winter we will probably take the security company deal. Especially since there was a major unsolved arson right down the street from us. That’s what we worry the most about, not about our stuff being stolen.