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Allah has 99 names, locusts lay 99 eggs and Muslim prayer beads have 99 beads.
Sometimes paranoia is a good thing.
The one thing I think we can all agree on is the Muslim invasion of Europe. It’s an army of locusts. They’ve eaten the resources of their countries and now they have to move on. To Europe.
Kerry as usual was talking out of both sides of his mouth. One hour and 11 minutes of hey let’s destroy Israel and return the land to the Turks, the palastinians or someone, or maybe the Caliphate. Whatever…. The council of foreign relations decides the policy and the bureaucrats implement it. For John Vietnam Kerry to give a speech like that on tv is real panic. A lot of walking dead bureaucrats and profs are going to wake unemployed over the change from O’Clinton to the Donald. The Iranian deal is definitely an example of their brain dead foreign policy that needs cleansing. Not to mention the wahabbi money problem of buying American politicians. The Rent-a- Politician has to end. The 10 trillion dollars it took to determine our black dude President was a corrupt loser wasn’t worth it.
There are a lot of superficial similarities between freemasonry and the brothers but that pretty much ended after the Templers were broken as an order by the French King. Although religious prophesy is certainly interesting….! Somehow I don’t see the US ever being reconstructed as a freemasonic world empire or the rock of ages. We’re too busy building our Tower of Computer Babel at the moment. A little amusing considering the thousands of earthquakes and cold sun, to think all it would take is a coronal hole to end it with a blast of hi tech frying particles in a solar wind storm.

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