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On Democrats opposing Obama on this anti-Israel move, it should be noted that some of them have significant Jewish populations in their districts. For them to be anti-Israel will make for a short-lived political career.

I grew up in such an area and can recall one Saturday afternoon in high school when my mother tells me I have to go to confession. She then points one by one to each of my friends and asks them when the last time they went. They didn’t dare lie to her and so she tells them that they have to go too, except she didn’t ask my friend Ira. I’m thinking why is she giving him a pass. Names like Ira weren’t unusual at all there. I didn’t know he wasn’t a Catholic too, just belonging to a different parish is all. Of course he had to walk down to the church like the rest of us, just skipping the confession part is all. I was in college before I even ever knew that anyone was anti-Semitic, and it came as a real shock to me when I found out.

So those Democrats opposing Obama is to be expected.