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I fear that the UN vote on Friday will be the catalyst for a major upswing in violence everywhere – particularly after Trump takes office and moves the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem (his stated intent). The focus in the media on the UN resolution is about the settlements. But little-discussed is the fact that Jerusalem, including the Western Wall, has now been “officially” declared “occupied (by Israel) territory.” Who the #$%@! do they think owned that wall first? Mohamed was still hundreds of years in the future when that wall was built for the Temple Mount (i.e. Islam didn’t even exist!). But as the Israeli ambassador correctly stated, there are many around the world that consider UN resolutions to effectively be international law. Don’t think the Muzzies and Muzzie sympathizers aren’t going to jump all over that when the U.S. moves the embassy to Jerusalem (“occupied territory”) in contradiction to the U.S. VOTE (abstention IS a vote!) last Friday. We’ll then be the targets of attacks. England, France, and all the other total cowards caved in at the UN, hoping the Muzzies will go focus on somebody else.

I have no doubt the Israeli ambassador is telling the truth that they have iron clad evidence the U.S. engineered the UN vote. Even the U.S. official statement by the White House spokesman is merely a governmentspeak admission he’s correct, by their very carefully worded claim that the U.S. did not WRITE and did not PROPOSE the resolution. The spokesman did not say they had nothing to do with all the other behind-the-scenes preliminaries, long before the formal “proposal” was introduced to the Security Council for a vote. The U.S. torpedoed Israel bigger than almost anyone realizes, and the damage won’t be able to be undone. It will escalate Muslim attacks on the west, and now particularly the U.S. once Trump “flagrantly violates” the U.S. position at the UN. Incoming!