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What are our kids exposed to in college?

Same Sierra they were getting exposed to in the 60s, but on steroids. But now we’ve had 3+ full generations exposed to it, and those of us first exposed to it (that weren’t completely corrupted by it) are too old to be listened to. I just got sarcastically lectured by our grand daughter’s husband as late as yesterday about being “old school,” “senior citizen,” and told that “nobody does it that way anymore,” etc., etc., etc. Only because we love our grand daughter and new great grand baby, I refrained from terminating his visit with us early. My id briefly wanted to come out and play and terminate more than the visit (i.e. terminate his future contributions to the gene pool). But that’s another story left to be untold…. ;-)

And that’s why I’ve lost hope for our nation. I am hopeful that – although he’s not who I really WANTED as my President – Trump will pull off at least a few temporary turn-arounds, with his 100+ vacant judicial posts, a whole mess of corrupt Executive Order terminations, many other proposals to float in Congress and hope they can get passed, etc. Oh – and hopefully he’ll be around long enough to appoint at least two Supreme Court justices. But long term, I don’t think there’s enough comprehension by “the people” of the fundamentals that made this country what it was headed toward becoming, to sustain the changes.