Don’t fall into the trap.

We might loathe them – and for good reason – but only a fool would sneer and contemptuously dismiss them out of hand.

Political ideology has zero bearing on whether or not they can pull a trigger effectively. Yes, we’ve been at it longer than they have, but there are plenty of folks on “our side” who are more a danger to themselves than to others…

Col. Martin: “Pride. Pride is a weakness.”
Maj. Villeneuve: “Personally, I would prefer stupidity.”
Col. Martin: “Pride will do.”

Do not let hubris cloud your vision. They want to up-arm and be taken seriously? Fine – I will take them seriously and at their word…

Agreed, these are the same people who have called for the shooting up of the NRA building, murdering the president-elect, and more.

Doesn’t take that much skill to pull a trigger and a psycho libtard can kill you just as dead as a 20yo refugee with a pos AK and a pressure cooker, regardless of where you are hiding, be it Kain’tuk, upstate or out in the plains.

Don’t forget, there’s a lot of misguided (or plants) vets who have taken up with their cause. Hardly poorly trained.

Assuming some ‘moral’ high ground puts one right into that pride comment above.

I would certainly prefer stupidity from their side, not ours.

Whirl, we might fight and scrap like an old married couple, but I wouldn’t have it any other way… from conflict comes true progress. Nobody wants an Echo Chamber.

Besides, when was the last time two smithies agreed on anything?

Be well and Merry Christmas…

Good to have you back.

Merry Christmas.