My patience also.
Please don’t put the wrong words in my mouth and assume what I said is automatically incorrect.

You take what I am saying to some absurd conclusion, then tell me to not put the wrong words in your mouth, then tell me I am assuming what you are saying is automatically incorrect.

Yeah, okay. (/sarc)

I said OUR OPINIONS DIFFER. Because they do.

But, at what point did I say you were wrong? (Sorry – “incorrect”). At what point did I put words in your mouth? Go ahead and quote me freely – cite chapter and verse – I got time and I won’t touch a thing.

We are talking about non dedicated people.
Not machinists in training.

No, YOU are talking about those people and assuming that I mean the same thing. Learning how to competently operate a Bridgeport or a South Bend takes no more “dedication” than learning how to successfully and competently operate a motor vehicle.

I said “competently” – not “expertly”.

I will concede the point – in the interest of peace during this season – that those machines are big and scary looking and most people look at them like they just crash-landed from another galaxy. But, the fact is that they are no more difficult to learn how to use than your average automobile.

I’m looking at this from the perspective of the athletic director across the street, the construction engineer on the corner, the 4 teachers around the neighborhood.

They all hunt, they all put firewood and food back, they all are “preppers” but have zero interest in how to build stuff from scratch let alone having more stuff in their garages

So, I take it you’ve asked them personally? Because it’s kind of an odd question to bring up in casual conversation…

“Hey, you know what you should do? Learn how to run a mill and a lathe and then go buy one.”

My slightly snarky point is that a) you don’t know what people might want to do until you bring up the subject and b) you’re making a blanket assumption about everyone based on what you think 6 people you happen to know might want to do or have an interest in.

Even if 1 in 50 shows an interest and starts learning, that’s that many more people we can count amongst the ranks of people we have helped, people we can rely on – or they can rely on themselves and become more valued members of their communities…

Writing everyone off because you’re making assumptions about 6 people is… not something I would do.

How do I know? I’ve talked with my neighbors and helped with a couple of builds for several.

See above.

Just like auto mechanics, same people may have the tools and even the knowledge but still take their car to a mechanic for anything but the basics

I’m not going to make any assumptions about people I don’t know – but I can tell you that I had what might be an unusually high percentage of friends growing up who spent their time building things like engines, etc. It might just be a case of like with like, but everyone that I know wants to know how stuff works so they can do it themselves…

Not everyone has the inclination or desire to hack their own out especially when they still have to make a life for themselves today.


But there will come a day when they might have a serious need for “hacking their own out”, and they won’t be able to do it. And thinking you (or me, or anyone like us) will be there to pick up the slack is short-sighted. Not saying “make everyone a ‘smithy with my (or your) skill set” – I’m saying knowledge is weightless and learning how to do something can only add to your skill set and is hardly detrimental. Like knowing how to build a Swedish Torch – I might never have a need for that. Ever. For the rest of my life. But I know how to build one.

I’m done.


Enjoy your Christmas.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1