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You’re reading too much into this personally and showing more than a bit of unnecessary personal defensiveness. There was zero personal criticism, just observations about the amount of restraint shown by the main deputy in the video, and the contrast with what the rest of us would have gotten. I’ve never been arrested, got two minor traffic tickets in a past life (40-50 years ago), but I’ve had two situations just in the past year in which I literally walked up to two different cops to ask for information or clarification about some conflicting signs in two different locations. In BOTH cases I was accused of either disrespecting the officer, or in the other case, trying to interfere with his duty, with major attitude problems straight out of the box. In one situation my wife was with me, and became frightened that the cop was about to become physical with me – with zero provocation (except in his own mine). We did a 180° and quickly disengaged. In both cases, my approach was nothing short of calm, respectful, and polite, since I had no reason to expect any problem at all – I was merely asking their expertise about two situations so I’d better understand the expectations of me in those situations. I can only imagine what that would have been like had I actually done (or been perceived as having done) something wrong.

So, I commented on the extreme deference shown to a fellow officer, in contrast to what all too frequently happens with sometimes even law-abiding regular citizens. And whether I’ve ever seen it from “that side of the job” or not, I can recognize differences in treatment based on profession, ethnicity, or whatever other factor, when they exist, and that was the sole purpose of the post – nothing at all related to you personally.

Do I agree that the deputy in question did the right thing overall – in many respects, yes. And without question, the lieutenant deserves the biggest heap of criticism. I only wish the rest of us would be treated in the same manner in even remotely similar situations. But as for lying, no the deputy did not – he told the truth. He read him his rights, then informed him of the single charge for which he was being arrested – no mention of resisting arrest. He held true to his earlier blue deference declaration, “Any other person’s gonna get a resisting an officer charge, you know this.” Yes he showed considerable restraint, yes he probably used appropriate restraint in how he finally gained control of the lieutenant, and yes, that restraint also most likely kept him from having to use considerably more force (including the taser he hauled out and pointed at the lieutenant). So perhaps a resisting arrest charge wasn’t necessary (even though it technically happened, as evidenced by the multiple people that had to have hands-on with the verbally and physically resisting drunk lieutenant). It would just be nice if being a fellow cop wasn’t the determining factor, and that we’d all be treated that way.

And yes, a sincere Merry Christmas to you and yours, as well. Sorry you can’t be enjoying our 72° blue skies, as opposed to your sub-freezing 3-5″ today and tonight. :-( But at least you can look at beautiful snow once the storm passes on Monday – I do miss that beauty (through the window).