My patience also.
Please don’t put the wrong words in my mouth and assume what I said is automatically incorrect.

We are talking about non dedicated people.
Not machinists in training.

I’m looking at this from the perspective of the athletic director across the street, the construction engineer on the corner, the 4 teachers around the neighborhood.

They all hunt, they all put firewood and food back, they all are “preppers” but have zero interest in how to build stuff from scratch let alone having more stuff in their garages.

How do I know? I’ve talked with my neighbors and helped with a couple of builds for several.

Just like auto mechanics, same people may have the tools and even the knowledge but still take their car to a mechanic for anything but the basics.

Not everyone has the inclination or desire to hack their own out especially when they still have to make a life for themselves today.

I’m done.