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Wow! Though it’s from another source, AOL News is actually carrying a story about significant Democrat backlash. Whoopee. That’s about as courageous as spitting on the town bully after he’s been put behind bars.


Listening to Samantha Powers’ statement after the the U.S. abstention almost made me sick to stomach – it’s the most blatant example of speaking out of both sides of one’s mouth that I’ve heard in a very, very long time. Just sickening to listen to. And what’s far, far worse is that this vote can’t be undone like an executive order cancelling a former president’s executive order(s), or a new congress changing laws. The UN will never back-track on this massive victory. We could never get a counter resolution passed in the UN – we don’t get a do-over on this one. I want to say things that aren’t fit for print. And I hope for outcomes that are even less fit for print. Whirlibird’s in the ballpark, though.