Sadly, that’s be exactly the opposite of the planning and gathering that we need to be doing.

Depending on if it’s 4 or 8 years, the time frame is immaterial, we will see a pushback from the libtards unless T has the ability to truly turn everything around, even in their eyes.

That can start as soon as two years from now, locally, if not sooner.
Kommiefornia is already looking at a complete ban on all magazines over 10 rounds, and now a possibility of a total ban on semi auto rifles..

Now is the time to solidify our plans, gathering the items that are going to be top of the hit list.
Receivers, magazines, bolt carrier groups, etc.

This is a temporary reprieve, act accordingly.

Especially with the possibility of the muzzies rising up and making their fetid presence known.

I tend to agree – this is just wiggle room. War ain’t over – only one battle.

Folks forget the Libtard mantra: never let a crisis go to waste. They will push anything and everything under the sun precisely because The Donald is in office. They know it will all fail, but they will turn even their defeats into political traction (ie: “see how those uncompromising Repukes stall and block our common-sense legislation?”… think of the CHIILLLLDDRENNN!”).

But stockpiling pieces parts?

I will stockpile what I can use and will be investing in machine tools in the coming year. Mill. Lathe. Surface grinder. Etc… With everything going CNC, manual machines – top of the line, world class machines – are going for peanuts. A perfectly good Series 1 Bridgeport with all the trimmings will only set you back the cost of two Colt 6920’s (plus EOTech 552’s and the magnifiers), and that’s with a DRO thrown in.

A South Bend geared head engine lathe (16″ swing x 40″) will run you about the same.

So, for between $10K to $12K, you can get two machines that can literally make your heart’s desire.

Not even kidding.

If it’s made of steel (or pretty much any metal, or even wood for that matter) and you can imagine it, then you can make it. Anything. In fact, a geared head engine lathe is one of the few machines that can duplicate itself – you can partially duplicate your lathe with your lathe, then use the partially completed lathe to complete itself. How about that for versatility?

Why invest in pieces parts when I can invest in the things that can MAKE the pieces parts in unlimited quantity and top shelf quality?

Add in a surface grinder, heat treat oven, drill press… maybe even a small rocket forge for smelting/melting metals and a beehive one for making crucible steel…

Good times, man.. :)

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1