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Tolik, I’m not as trusting and optimistic about Putin, but I have to agree to a fair extent none the less. I’m at least cautiously hopeful that he really is “just” a nationalist, and willing to work within a two-pole world. How he’ll factor in China, I’m not sure, but I think the communist leanings in him may lean toward allowing China about as much latitude in their sphere, as long as it’s east- and southward, as they want (within reason – though there may be not a lot he can do about it anyway). But I’ve watched and read a lot of Putin’s positions, speeches, etc., for the past few years, and have gained a much different take on him than I ever entertained before. He MAY really be interested primarily if not solely on Russian interests, and doesn’t particularly care about western Europe, for example, as long as they’re not interested in harming his interests. Plus, he repeatedly talks about the two major super powers in the world, almost fondly. I think he sees that as world stability – him in the east, us in the west, keeping tabs on everybody else. I find it very fascinating what he is REALLY saying, over and over, yet it’s never presented in our “media.” So as I said, I’m cautiously (may be an understatement) optimistic about the partnership he and Trump can negotiate. I think that if Putin trusts Trump, Russia becomes much less of a potential threat. HOWEVER – that can also be part of the old classic communist strategy, too. And also like I said above, I don’t trust Putin. As Reagan said, “Trust but verify.”