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If I had to bet, I’d put my money on the Military Industrial Complex, and those that believe we need a good war to strengthen the economy. Why? Simply because history has taught me that lesson for more decades (and wars) than I wish I had to admit to. But over the past 2½ years after finally putting some huge pieces together and recognizing the overall concept of fundamental evil (and a whole book’s worth behind that), I wouldn’t rule anything out. Clearly, the “refugee crisis” was and is manufactured for purposes we wish we didn’t even have to contemplate, whether it’s the “refugees” coming across our southern border, or those being brought in by the plane load, or even those streaming across into Europe.

Are we gonna have another war soon? I have little doubt, for a variety of reasons. Just as one small clue, I live in an area not too far from Ft. Benning and know a few people down there (and keep up on news in the area). Ft. Benning just lost the 3rd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Division – a very large loss to the local area surrounding the installation. The large piece of real estate devoted to the 3rd Brigade is NOT being put to another use. The buildings are NOT being torn down. Instead, the Post spent a huge amount of money simply moth-balling that area, and will spend considerably more annually over the coming years to maintain all of the property (buildings, etc.) out there. Why? As the CG put it to the local community leaders recently, they don’t have to worry too long about the hit to the local economy, because by 2021 (I think was his deadline) they’d have another brigade level organization in there again, with all the military, civilians, and family members. And he said that was the longest they’d have to wait, but it would probably be less. 2021 is only 4 years and 10 days away. I’ve used my signature line for years, long before migrating to this forum from a previous (now defunct) one. It’s based in a fundamental belief I have regarding what all is really going on.

As for “Merry Christmas,” Malgus, there’s nothing stopping individuals and families to have exactly that within their own little sphere of influence, regardless of the evil going on outside. We can have that AND use this time to our best advantage. Plus, it seems we’re allowed to say “Merry Christmas” again in this country, even if just for a little while.