It is all but impossible to know the truth anymore, or even who the good guys are.

I use a rather complicated filter to figure out what is BS and what is true. I’m going to have to make a flow chart to give a good idea of the process, but the short version looks like this:

– Information comes from “the legit media”? Then it’s bullsh*t.
– Information comes from the US Government? It’s more than bullsh*t – the exact opposite is true.
– Information comes from any European Government or the EU toadies in Brussels? Same as above – the exact opposite is true.
– Information comes from the UN? You’re kidding, right?
– Information comes from Russia? Bullsh*t probability is high, but watch what they DO, not what they SAY.
– Information comes from any Muslim nation or group? 100% Lie – always. As blatant as anything Baghdad Bob ever said.
– Information comes from a Nationalist, either here or in Europe? Bullsh*t probability is reasonable, but worth listening to.
– Information comes from someone openly hated by any of the above groups, save Nationalists? Bullsh*t probability is low. Very much worth listening to.
– Information comes from some alt-news group? Bullsh*t probability is about 50% – vet the information.
– Information comes from a known Marxist/Prog “news” source? Just enough truth to make it believable… the rest is bullsh*t meant to manipulate the mush-heads…

Russia – and Putin – can be trusted to act in the best interest of Russia. They also have a long history of denying everything, admitting nothing and putting out disinformation, so I watch what they do… not what they say. And then draw conclusions from that.

The “good guys” thing is easy – that’s you and your tribe. Anyone you have vetted and trust. Anyone outside that sphere is an unknown. Some groups – like any Muslim – are to be distrusted on sight and their default setting is “Enemy” if only from a position of Self Preservation. (see: Coral Snake Theory).

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1