Of course the “official story” is total bullsh*t, GS.

If it’s coming from an “official” source – ie: Da Gubbermint or the “legit” media – then it’s a lie. Or at least not 100% truth.

I’ve been talking to some people who are in a unique position to actually have a good take on what’s going on in Syria. Boots on the ground type deal…

In addition to the involvement of the UN, the US, the Russians, Turks, etc, there’s no less than 6 more factions of varying strength in play in addition to the main two: the Assad regime on one side and the Muslim Brotherhood on the other. Coupled with shifting allegiances, it’s a complete and total cluster-****.

And none of which address the real issue: that Assad has been in power since the 1970’s and has had prior dealings with The Mooslime Brotherhood – see: Hama Rules.


He knows how he’s dealing with them is the ONLY way you can deal with them. Anyone caught in the way? They were put there – or kept from leaving – intentionally by one side or the other.

Assad is a secular leader and favors reforms. The Russians support Assad. Whereas WE are supporting those who are fighting against Assad… commonly referred to as “the rebels” – which makes no damn sense given that THAT means we are supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and those guys are the ones pulling off terrorist attacks in the West…

It could be as simple as there are those in the Military Industrial Complex and higher up want to keep Russia as a boogeyman because we need a Bad Guy in order to keep the Military Industrial Complex grinding along and making bank for a select few at the top… because war is good business… for some.

Or it could be as Machiavellian as us “Officially” backing the Muslim Brotherhood – despite their open hostility to the West – and ginning up sympathy for the “refugees” via the lying POS “legitimate” media because those near the levers of power want to seed the “refugees” in and amongst us – on purpose – to create an even BIGGER problem… because when things get bad and the citizenry demands that someone “do something”, they can effect a massive power grab.

After pinky-swearing that they will put down that power when “the Crisis” has passed… which they have no intention of doing.

Either way, those “refugees” are not what they seem and I think it currently is setting the stage for one God-Awful war both here in the US and in our ancestral homelands in Europe…

War is coming. Whatever you think you have, it ain’t enough. Not by half.

Perhaps not this year… or even the next… or the year after that. But it’s coming. And it will take more than courage to face it.

I would say “Merry Christmas” at this point, but it almost seems like blasphemy… so… I will say use this time we have been given to your advantage…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1