Malgus, the “full-on crisis mode” I was referring to was what all you had to go through with the water leak. It sounded like you were handling the recent “delivery service” issue quite rationally. If I remember correctly, you had to RE-move all your things back out of the basement for a re-do, or something like that, after it was already “fixed” once. Can’t remember for sure, but I do remember thinking about how much you guys were having to deal with that was well beyond the “inconvenience” stage. Glad that’s over.

OH! I remember now! You’re talking about The Second Battle of the Basement! Sometimes I forget things… deal with a crisis and then often dismiss it once it’s over with…

Short version: Water vapor was creating mold on everything downstairs. We had to take everything – literally – out of the basement, wipe everything down, then clean the basement itself. Even installed some secondary ventilation. Painted every shelf with mold-resistant paint, put all of our stuff in these huge storage bins, and then installed what I refer to as “The R2 Unit” – a dehumidifier on it’s own little custom platform and fitted with a 1/2″ discharge tube that leads straight to the sump pump in the corner. Just turn it on, set it for 50% humidity and then go do something else. Nothing to empty, no filters to change, and you can tell it to turn itself off after 50% humidity is achieved. Biggest headache was installing the discharge tube so that the water ran out smoothly (the basement floor is not level – R2 is where we need him on one side and the sump pump is way over in the corner – if the tube were simply on the floor, then water would have to run uphill to get to the sump pump hole…), but, victory was declared and now we’re in business.

As for your current concerns and general procedures, I could not agree more with the following:

we don’t throw away boxes and such anymore. We burn them. Break them down, remove all plastics or packaging and then burn them in a burn barrel behind the house. Paperwork gets put through the shredder.

Same for us. There is absolutely no sense flagging to everyone that drives by about what we got for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever – even just replacement things. And I’ve personally watched prisoners on the backs of trash collection trucks (that’s who does trash pickup around these parts) looking through paperwork that they dump in the back of the truck before pulling the lever to compact it up with the rest of the trash already in the truck. I’ve even seen pieces of paper go in their prisoner pants pockets (and reported it with truck number and collection time – but only a general block location so as not to be personally identified). There’s almost no such thing as being too careful anymore – things that USED to be bat guano crazy paranoid years ago.

Exactly. If you’re going to put the intact packaging for your Brand New Super Expensive Useless Crap out on the front stoop where literally anyone who casually goes by can see it, then you deserve to have someone try to steal your stuff.

Imagine going down to Bubba’s Gun Hut on the search for a brand new rifle. You’ve been saving for two years for this moment, and you’re going to buy the most awesome tricked out M-Forgery you can find, along with some truly b*tchin’ sights, etc… You end up buying:

– a Genuine Colt 6920
– an EOTech 552/A65.1 holosight
– the G33 magnifier for the sight
– 25 mil-surp 30 round magazines
– 4 cans of Lake City M855 ammo to go with it.

You are now reasonably well-prepared for the Golden Hoard.

After opening all your stuff, you take all the packaging and – oh shoot, the garbage can is full… guess I’m going to have to pile all these boxes and such on top or right next to the can… hope Pedro The Garbageman doesn’t forget them on garbage day…


Yet, people do stuff exactly like this every single day, then sit in wonder after they get robbed…

EVERYTHING gets burned or shredded. Or shredded AND burned. Even the innocent looking stuff – like the little paperwork that comes with my vitamin B1 supplement from the VAMC? Shredded, then burned in the burn barrel. Someone sees that, then they might get to wondering what ELSE does that guy get?

I thank my wife for that bit – she shreds everything. Even went and got one of those good shredders that doesn’t care if you put staples in it or not…

And a very merry Christmas to you and yours, also – in the true spirit of the Holiday.

The same to you and all of us here. And also Selco & Co. Without them, we wouldn’t even have this place…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1