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I shred credit card receipts, invoices, and such. As for garbage, we don’t have garbage pickup in my town but rather a transfer station where everything is compacted and hauled away, so nobody can get into my trash. I put the trash into one compactor and recyclables down a shute into another compactor.

I live on 26 acres near the center of a small hamlet with the far end of my property being on the road that’ll bring you up and over the mountain out of this valley. My house and most of my frontage (1/3 mile) is at the beginning of a different road that feeds into the main road. There are a couple dozen homes further up my road over the next couple miles, so we get quite a few cars either coming past the house or that we can see at a distance heading up or down the mountain. In other words, pretty much everyone in this hamlet and beyond it in this valley goes past my place on a regular basis. This would be several hundred people I’d guess.

We do have 4 near neighbors that can see our house. We’re good friends with 3 of them and we watch out for each other. Two of them have keys to my house and us keys to their homes, and we always tell each other if we’re going to be away. The 4th neighbor are the parents of the druggie son, the ones who were robbed. Them we maintain just a cordial hi how are you doing kind of relationship but no socializing at all. The other 3 neighbors don’t interact with them at all. After that neighbor was robbed we stopped having our friends pick up our mail when we’re away on account we don’t want the 4th neighbor to even know we’re away. Now we have the post office hold our mail. The druggie son doesn’t live there but that didn’t stop his parents from being robbed (8 guns and a few other things). Interestingly, the thieves left one hand gun behind.

The Deputy that services our town from the Sheriff’s Dept sometimes likes to park down at the corner of my road and that main road. I’ve told her to hang out there as much as she wants. There’s even a porta potty there at the baseball field all season long, which could make it a destination if she is out on patrol all day. That one person represents our full regular coverage, and is shared with a couple other towns giving her about 100 square miles in all, so not much patrol coverage here at all. The Sheriff’s Dept or State Police would respond to an actual call, but even the State Police don’t have 24/7 patrols in this State. Good thing there is virtually no crime.