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Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., had said before the announcement that he doesn’t think future administrations can undo the order without congressional approval.

So how does that work, that an Executive Order is now etched in stone for all time?

Top comment at the time I read the article:

Under Obama it’s difficult to tell the difference between America and an African nation run by a despotic dictator. They both rule by edict while both hating and fearing democracy.

And less than 50% of the population can even see that. More than 50% think he’s doing an acceptable (or better) job. I’d invoke the name of Deity to help us here, but suspect he’s just waiting a tiny bit longer until we’ve hit “ripe in iniquity” status, and the long-predicted consequences of that kind of thinking and behavior are finally able to be exacted on us. Sadly, it raineth on the just and the unjust alike at times. (Thus, the SHTF Forum….)