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One could wonder who’s behind the attempted tie to Gulen, which then allegedly ties to the U.S. gummint. Russia playing games with us? (I’m less likely to be taking that one to the bank at this point anyway.) Turkey all by their lonesome selves? Quite possible, as they’ve been trying to pin the coup attempt on Gulen from the start, and are thoroughly P.O.’d at the US for not giving him up to extradition. As everyone has said, who knows what to believe anymore? Freedom’s comment has some merit – Obama DID say just the other day that he was going to retaliate against the Russians before he leaves office. Now THAT concerns me significantly, because he even said the retaliation may not even be publicly evident, but very subtle. In fact, who knows WHAT Obama is really up to in his last days in office? He just pardoned a single-day record number of people, has issued a significant number of Executive Orders, is working overtime to undermine the incoming president, etc. He scares me, for what he could get started rolling down hill with significant enough momentum in the next 30 days that it might not be stoppable on 21 January.

Eyes open indeed. There could be far more going on here than even just the surface stories.