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Malgus, the “full-on crisis mode” I was referring to was what all you had to go through with the water leak. It sounded like you were handling the recent “delivery service” issue quite rationally. If I remember correctly, you had to RE-move all your things back out of the basement for a re-do, or something like that, after it was already “fixed” once. Can’t remember for sure, but I do remember thinking about how much you guys were having to deal with that was well beyond the “inconvenience” stage. Glad that’s over.

As for your current concerns and general procedures, I could not agree more with the following:

we don’t throw away boxes and such anymore. We burn them. Break them down, remove all plastics or packaging and then burn them in a burn barrel behind the house. Paperwork gets put through the shredder.

Same for us. There is absolutely no sense flagging to everyone that drives by about what we got for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, or whatever – even just replacement things. And I’ve personally watched prisoners on the backs of trash collection trucks (that’s who does trash pickup around these parts) looking through paperwork that they dump in the back of the truck before pulling the lever to compact it up with the rest of the trash already in the truck. I’ve even seen pieces of paper go in their prisoner pants pockets (and reported it with truck number and collection time – but only a general block location so as not to be personally identified). There’s almost no such thing as being too careful anymore – things that USED to be bat guano crazy paranoid years ago.

And a very merry Christmas to you and yours, also – in the true spirit of the Holiday.