@ GS: Thank you much for asking. The fix was permanent and there are no problems to date. We’re not in full-on crisis mode, but I am tending to pay attention a bit more than usual. Who comes and goes and how often. The good thing is that we live on a dead end road and after 6 years here I know who lives where and what they drive.

@ MB: No worries there. Like I said, everything worth the effort has been locked down. They would have to take out a significant portion of the house and need at least 4 NFL linemen to move that safe. And once moved, then what? It’s locked down and I have the only key and combination. I have given thought to leaving some cheap junk laying around as a diversion… if they’re looking for something, then give them something. The good stuff will be off the menu…

And yeah, the Scumbag Telegraph is operational no matter where you go or who you are. Someone sees something, they tell someone else, who tells someone else… and on and on.

@ Whirl Lots of folks gone missing in these deep dark woods over the years… these steep hills and hollers… it can get right dangerous if a body ain’t careful.

Folks are clannish and tend to notice vehicles and people who are out of place. We keep an eye out for each other.

I’ve taken proper precautions – as many as I can – for now. There’s some things in the works that will be implemented over the next year that will make this place a lot harder of a target. We’ve gained a bit of wiggle room with the current election – I’m planning on using this time wisely.

Oh, and we don’t throw away boxes and such anymore. We burn them. Break them down, remove all plastics or packaging and then burn them in a burn barrel behind the house. Paperwork gets put through the shredder.

You and yours be well and Merry Christmas.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1