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Malgus, Well it is the way they work. Some work on delivery of all types of products and others in the city work in construction companies like roofing were they can see everything that is happening around them for days before they hit the house. Some are gang members and some are illegals. Here in the city I pickup everything and do not let anyone in my house. Also try to use UPS, FedEx as much as I can. I have a large dog that doesn’t like people much, he is about 85 lbs. I also work at home so I have my handgun next to me all the time.

Two months ago I had a SUV backup on my driveway and when the guy got off to see if he could get into my house throw the side door my dog got up on the window and went crazy and by the time I got up the guy was running to his SUV and left, was not able to get his license plate number. But maybe he was sent by someone else that didn’t know that I work at home. The trash guy, maybe the garden people that cut the grass around the area. Who knows but yes they are watching.