Malgus, long time no hear, welcome back.

I know a couple of people from your AO who would have had a completely different answer to what happened, but then again they have hogs and would have no problem disappearing a box van. Preemptive strike as it were.
“Roaches check in…..”

Friend of mine who used to live outside Bakersfield CA, got hit.
Waited until everyone was gone for the day, went in with a couple of cars and loaded out everything that wasn’t nailed down. Including the guns from the cheap “safe”.

About two weeks later, they came back, and tried again to get the items that insurance replaced.
This time they had to deal with a heavily armed, armored maniacal homeowner in an F350 chasing the cars off the road and then waiting for the Sheriff to arrive. At least that time, he got his stuff back. He was waiting for them. All illegals, we figure all the good stuff ended up south of the border.

In your case, I’d keep a weather eye out for cars/trucks/people in the area that don’t fit in.
Or another ‘delivery van’.