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Malgus, you’re paranoid as all get out. Get a life. And yes, I was deeply offended.


Nice spur-of-the-moment but necessary observations, very safe tentative conclusions as well as some fully justifiable ones. Nice after-action considerations and follow on precautions.

It’s just very sad that we’ve come to a point where living out in the country would/could become a liability, a place we needed to not only keep locked but even “camouflaged” in some respects, and that distrust of almost anyone has become an intelligent and useful state of mind. We thought Reagan’s “trust but verify” only had to do with the Ruskies. But indeed, it has become a position too unsafe even for domestic use. Now we need to start from a position of polite (camouflaged) distrust.

We can either play the game of burying our heads in the sand so we don’t have to see the steam roller approaching, or we can be aware, alert, and prepared for whatever could reasonably come our way – and then some. Sad way to live, but safer and therefore a bringer of comfort. Excellent observations, and beyond the thought processes of most Americans. Of course I have no idea whether you’re paranoid or not – I just know that they’re still out to get you regardless – you are just smart enough to know it, while not knowing for sure which ones.

You’ve got no guarantees, but you’ve upped the odds greatly in your favor. All I have to do to know that is to watch on trash day immediately after Christmas, seeing all the large boxes that signify what large screen TV or other big ticket item(s) now lives in the associated house, or what expensive new cars suddenly appear, or watch on line with all the personal cr@p people post on Facebook, etc. And I notice how many email accounts get hacked, as indicated by the auto-sent emails I receive with links and/or attachments, that the “senders” never knew went out in their names. Nice tag- OPSEC indeed. A totally unknown concept to most people.

Thanks, and merry Christmas. Good to see you back.