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I call total BravoSierra. I believe there is more than ample evidence that the US government and, indeed, governental and NGO players around the world have been double dealing in this climate change racketeering all along.

Surely there are a number here that remember the “old” HAARP program – the stuff of nut-job conspiracy theorists. Well, do your research folks. FedGov has been messing around in the upper atmosphere for decades, in ways that no one could possibly predict the outcome with any way of knowing what they were talking about. Forget the “space” portion of “Space Weather Events.” Whether an incredible (in scope) experiment gone awry, or a fully intended project with a scope beyond our imagination, it doesn’t matter at least at one level. Read FedGov’s own offerings (brag sheets), don’t even bother with the conspiracy theorists.

What happens when the ionosphere has giant plasma clouds artificially produced in it? (Oh, but Georgia Saint – how do we even know that the government has produced giant plasma clouds in the ionosphere? Read on, Macduff.)

What happens when the ionosphere is repeatedly bombarded with various radio frequencies of exceptionally high power, over many years? (Didn’t happen? All the stuff of conspiracy theorists? Read on, Macduff.)

And as a result of all this, what happens when the ionosphere is repeatedly heated up? Read on, Macduff. (By the way, the original quote, “Lead on, Macduff,” is itself a mis-quote attributed to Shakespeare. But it makes for fun use here anyway…. Might as well have some fun with such otherwise ominous government meddling with our earth, while they blame coal and oil companies, and seek to ruin our economy as a result. Karl must be looking up, laughing his guts out, from hell.)

U.S. Navy: https://www.nrl.navy.mil/media/news-releases/2013/nrl-scientists-produce-densest-artificial-ionospheric-plasma-clouds-using-haarp

U. of Alaska: https://www.adn.com/science/article/haarp-open-business-again/2015/09/06/

Nature Magazine: http://www.nature.com/news/2008/080423/full/452930a.html

Those are just for starters. from NON-conspiracy sources. And FedGov would have us believe (those few that have ever even heard of HAARP) that it all began in the 1990s. Ooops! Read on, Macduff:


What have “we” been doing to “our” atmosphere? And who is “we?” IF anyone bothers to read the above references and do some more of their own research, there are HAARP facilities not just in Alaska, but also Norway, Russia, and reportedly (in some stage of planning or construction) Puerto Rico – that we KNOW of. We now KNOW FedGov (and others) have been heating critical parts of the atmosphere, messing with particles in the upper atmosphere on massive scales, creating artificial auroras, and now they’re calling for our “protection” from “space weather,” blaming climate change on “regular” humans and their cars and wood-burning stoves, in such a convoluted scheme that is virtually unknown to the masses – but the masses lap it up as truth.

I end where I started. I call total BravoSierra on anything “climate change,” “global warming,” and anything related. The evidence is out there, the above references are but a surface-scratching. We don’t need the “conspiracy theorists.”