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What I’d like is to understand how so many people can see the differences in what the two approaches to social organization actually yield, yet hold so fervently to the one that produces less.

Communist Manifesto was not written for the masses (contrary to popular belief) – just the masters. Again, that tiny 3/4 page final chapter is the key. And forget the famous bottom line rallying cry at the very end. It’s part of the smoke screen. Call me a broken record on this one, I don’t care. The true bottom line is that it’s all about fundamental evil. The masses lap up the promises, and can’t quit – it’s an addiction. It’s just like those that simply can’t stay out of Las Vegas – you’d think they’d learn too. “Just one more time” for them is the equivalent of the political “THIS candidate’s really the one! Finally!” SSDD (SameStuffDifferentDay)