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Sorry to be late to the party; I’ve been coping with our sojourn to our eventual home in NE Ohio, not to mention the approach of age.

That’s a great, if exhaustive explanation of the attitudinal differences between West and Mideast, or at least, between Islam and the West.

An explanation from a slightly different, more historical approach, is a book, Production Versus Plunder by Paul Rosenberg. It was seralized, one chapter a week, at The Daily Bell website, and a brief search turned up various listings for at least most of the chapters.

Rosenberg’s premise was that at the early beginnings of human civilization, in the famous “Fertile Crescent,” humans organized to produce their necessities, food, etc., while further south, in drier, less productive terrain, others found that their easiest shot at what they needed, was to plunder their neighbors, as opposed to producing for themselves. I presume you can figure out which societies and traditions trace from which.

What I’d like is to understand how so many people can see the differences in what the two approaches to social organization actually yield, yet hold so fervently to the one that produces less.

But they tell me that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Watch out for one-eyed guys with ice picks.

Cry, "Treason!"