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I’m all for the purge. But the more that I think about it, though it’s much too cold for my blood, Canada is home to a whole lot of very decent people. I grew up in border towns and therefore had considerable interaction with Canadians – on both sides of the border. I enjoyed them very much, sometimes more than many US citizens, to be quite honest. It’s mainly just some of their whacko liberal leaders that have caused them some grief, and the Canadians overall don’t deserve the dregs of US society. Use the border as the enticement, but when they show up, put ‘em on a one-way, non-stop flight to Gitmo. All the illegals can go there too if they’ve already been deported once previously. Those that are here illegally for the first time get one opportunity to pledge to go back to where they came from, with a reciprocal promise that if they break theirs, we’ll keep ours: if they show up here a 2nd time, they join their brethren in Gitmo.