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Well, the magic number of dissenters within the Electoral College is now up past the magic number needed by Hillary to effect a coup. She needs 38, there are now 40 who’ve joined the cry for an “intelligence briefing” before they vote in six days.


Does the government deny a request from the people selected to elect the next President, risking massive cries of election manipulation, or does the government comply with that request, thereby risking cries of election manipulation?

Either way, with only six days to go, things are shaping up very, very weirdly. The S will indeed HTF on 6 and/or 20 January, depending on what happens on 19 December. I’m stayin’ close to home on 6 January, that’s for sure – no travel to unfriendly neighborhoods, and definitely no travel to places more than a few minutes from my home. It may be a non-issue, Trump will be elected President, and a transfer of the crown will occur two weeks later —- or not.

By the way – whether Russia was the hacker, and whether Russia tried to influence the election, my bottom line is still that we got what appear to be true facts from the hacks, and voters made their choices on the basis of new factual information. Regardless of source, whether we want foreign involvement, what’s still wrong with voters being given facts and using those facts to determine their most intelligent vote? Retaliate against Russia if that seems to be the best way to go, but the vote of the people, particularly if based on accurate information (regardless of source and method of acquisition) is still the vote of the people. Beyond that, I will keep my recommendations to myself.