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In other news – the news that counts, because it’s not being widely reported in the mainstream media – efforts are ramping up in the Electoral College to change the “called” outcome of the election. Will they be successful? It will be decided in just six days (the Electoral College meets on 19 December). However, WE the People will not know the results until Congress counts the votes on 6 January 2017.

Check this out: Electors demand intelligence briefing before Electoral College vote


Read the full article. There are very interesting details, including other efforts and factors mentioned. Read this like a story that a jury in a high profile case has just requested very specific testimony from the trial – that often gives major clues as to what’s going on in the jury room. Our “jury” (the electors) are quite active, and talking between states. And those talking are adding up.

Huge “if,” but if Trump is NOT elected President, can we even imagine the chaos that will ensue from 6 – 20 January? This is the first time ever that I’ve even considered the possibility of an election not taking place, or in this case, an inauguration. Long shot? Who really knows, given the lack of real news – the People aren’t entitled to know what their elected government knows. Hillary Clinton is just 38 electoral votes away from 270 according to published alleged totals. Therefore, if 38 people out of 538 switch their votes to Clinton, she becomes the declared President of the United States. But would she be sworn in, in the ensuing chaos?. Look at the numbers directly reported, as well as hinted at, in the above article. As Paul Harvey used to say, “Stand by for NEWS!”