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Perfect readers digest version of my thoughts above. One note: I neglected to look at the date of the EO – 13 October 2016. Therefore any theory that Obama is attempting to mess with Trump’s presidency goes out the window. On 13 October, “everybody” knew Hillary would win. So that leaves the completely hidden agenda still in place.

Again, don’t neglect the fact that Obama has directed ordered a review of the alleged “Russian” hacking and their alleged interference with our election – with the report to be delivered BEFORE he leaves office. As of the moment I’m typing this, that leaves just 36 days, and the directive was just issued. Factor in holidays, bureaucracy, and even the normal time needed to pull in all the relevant facts and get them down in well organized print, and one of two things will happen: (1) the “conclusions” will have already been pre-determined as evidenced by the fact that it shows up within days, or (2) it will show up just days prior to 20 January.

Just for fun, look at the number of EOs King Obama has issued just in the past 35 days (since the election), and then over the past 3 months. Draw your own conclusions. There are some really interesting ones to be drawn – paranoid and otherwise.