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Obama is doing everything he can to undermine Trump.

That could be the primary objective, and coupled with the order that he get a report on the Russian hacking and influencing of the election (already a done-deal conclusion, in case anyone hasn’t noticed) before he leaves office, the “destroy Trump” aspect looks like a really good bet. My discomfort with the solar EO is far more with what Obama will do with it, not what he’s put in place for the post-Obama years. I hope I’m wrong in that, but if it’s read thoroughly, a whole lot of study and thinking have gone into this EO, and I have to wonder what else is going on. Still, his “legacy” (feeding his toxic narcissistic personality) may be so all-important that that’s the whole aim. I just ain’t betting on that one as a primary motivator. [See comments in a later post below now that I noticed the date of the EO.]

The one thing that keeps me from thinking that’s all thist is, is the fact that I’ve believed from the beginning, just as I did with Baby Bush, that he’s mostly the figurehead, and that there is a core group of controllers behind him that make Obama look like he’s possibly a semi-decent guy after all by comparison. Valerie Jarrett and others like her scare the ever-lovin’ out of me. I almost don’t want to know just how much input they’ve had over the years, and what they’re feeding him to put out in public – and what’s being put in place behind the scenes. That factor – the people behind the curtain – is what tells me it’s more than just a “get Trump” maneuver, even though that’s also a good bet as a side benefit (as they see it). Be careful kiddies!