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I really don’t like the looks of this. This it too much, too late, at the end of a term when NONE of what he is “ordering” and “directing” will be implemented until he’s supposed to be off the stage. There’s something terribly wrong with this picture, and I don’t believe this is just too little too late. This administration knows exactly what it’s doing, and I don’t trust it. DoD involvement? Someone can give me all the reasons in the world why they’re part of this, but what are they going to do – shoot missiles at the sun and blow it up if it attacks us? The Posse Comitatus Act says they keep their paws out of the confines of the “Homeland.”

This issue has been entered in the Congressional Record DECADES ago. The whole idea of EMP, whether from Sol or Vladimir (or Lil Kim) makes no difference – it’s been known since the early Pacific nuclear testing in modern times, and way back in the 1800s with the Carrington Event when telegraph lines burned up, fires were started on desks in telegraph offices, and telegraph operators were severely shocked. So Barack decides to issue a comprehensive order to “fix” it all in the final month of his presidency? I ain’t buyin’ it. This is not isolated, we just don’t see the rest of the iceberg. Look around kiddies, there’s MUCH more in the water than what we’re seeing.

On a related note (yes, it is, even though it doesn’t seem like it), Obama’s sudden exploration of the role of the Soviet Union er- Russia in the hacking and election, with a report demanded BEFORE Barack leaves office, is another whole iceberg, and we’re just trying’ to sail through between the two little pieces of ice on either side of us. They’re likely quite connected, and we might not just get a tear in the side of our hull, but the entire bottom ripped out by the connected piece of Ice between what we can see, right under where we’re headed. Heads up, and as we said while flying, “CLEAR, CLEAR, CLEAR!” That was not a statement of sky conditions, that meant to always be looking around for what else was out there that you didn’t see. One rule of unidentified objects in the sky was that if it stayed stationary in the windscreen, it meant it was on a perfectly parallel course at the same speed as you, or it was on a collision course, coming right at you. This is not the time for heads up and locked in the final 38 days, four hours, and 48 minutes.