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Now, I almost see them as a political movement with a 501 c-3 cover.

“Almost?!?” LOL! You nailed it. Another branch of Fundamental Evil has been fully legitimized.

As for the Jews, there are those that are descended from (or wish they were) the tribe of Judah, so they have that genetic connection. That, as I understand it, is the group that refers to themselves as a race. They are genetically different from those that became the Arabs, or even the tribe of Benjamin, or whoever. The African (black) immigrants to Israel were/are seen as genetically different, and therefore only religious Jews, as opposed to “authentic” ones. Somebody clarify or correct that if my understanding isn’t quite right, please. But basically, the “black” Jewish people in Israel aren’t equal to the middle-eastern looking ones.

As for the sexual/gender identity thing, that’s the most (pun intended) screwed up thing I’ve seen/heard in a very long time. I know a man that works at the CDC up in Atlanta. He told me he went to a seminar out in San Francisco (where else?!) and with complete sincerity he was informed that there are NINE genders now. There’s LesbianGayBisexualTransgenderQueer, to which they’ve added several more that I can’t remember – except the real crowning jewel. In all seriousness, one of the nine (or whatever they’re up to now) is Fluid (no pun intended on that one). Yes! You can be “fluid” in your gender, transitioning between one and another and another – it’s totally different than being “just” Bi. So – they want to be a nation? No problem. The ice cap is melting so give ‘em that piece of property and they can heat it up all they want, plant a flag, and do whatever. Just get it the @&*! out of my face. I’ll happily burn THEIR beloved rainbow flag in a heartbeat and vigorously defend MY right to do it.

With that said, I have relatives and friends that I know to be gay. It’s not “in my face,” they just live what is very strong in their lives, privately, and don’t flaunt it. I don’t like PDAs (public displays of affection) from happily married heterosexual couples either – I don’t discriminate. Those kinds of people don’t huddle under the omnicolor banner and make it them-against-us. I’m fine with that, as well as any atheist, Moslem, or whatever, as long as it’s not “them-against-us” and they’re not playing victims & victimizers, with me being forced to play the opposite role.

Fundamental Evil takes many forms, and they don’t all know they’re in it together – but they are. The sometimes unrecognized common goal is exactly what Marx and Engels wrote in that tiny little final chapter (3/4 of one page) in Communist Manifesto. You can take that to the bank.