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<strong>”Jews DO consider themselves a race”– that confuses me. I know Jewish faith followers don’t all arrive from the same country and state. Just look at the Ethiopian people who are of the Jewish faith. The fact that most people don’t know what the difference is between ethnicity and nationality and cultural and religious background or roots, is a hallmark of our poor educational system. An Israeli is a national citizen of Israel, are all Israelis Jewish? No. Are all the people who are culturally “Jewish” — has to be seen as a hyphenated identity therefore Jewish-Canadian, Jewish-Mexican, Jewish American, there’s NO Jewishlandia.

I have even heard from Gays that all Gays are a international nation?? That they are all the same everywhere? I seriously doubt that person who told me that had done an anthropological study. Now we get sexual preferences as one’s national identity– “Look we have a flag!”