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Just for clarification, when I use the term “alliances,” that does not mean the same thing to me as cooperate. To the extent that we can work with Russia and cooperate to our benefit, if they also benefit, fine.

And despite serious and significant misgivings about Donald J. Trump as President of the United States (any other candidates left standing were even less desirable), there are some things I’m cheering. I actually loved the Exxon appointment for that particular post (Secretary of the Interior would have been an entirely different matter for me).

I’ve decided I’m going back to using the term “Moslem.” Once the Black Muslims erupted on scene and perverted a religion that at least revered Jesus Christ as a great prophet and celebrated the common origins of Moslems, Jews, and Christians with the shared Old Testament, along with the Moslem concept of the “People of the Book,” it was then that the Moslem religion became “Muslim” and Radical Islam. Moslems and Muslims aren’t the same. I can live with Moslems, and they can live with me. I just don’t want nothin’ to do with no Muzzies. If they will revere the Constitution as THE supreme law of the land, no problem, they’re Moslem. If they want Sharia law, they’re Muzzies. Someone once crafted a bumper sticker that said, “Kill ‘em all – let God sort ‘em out.” There’s good philosophy there. Obama’s seemingly silly refusal to use the term “Radical Islam” is more than just word play. It allows him to mix ALL Moslems and Muslims into the same batch, so he can cry “racism” against anyone that attacks the Muzzie portion of the mix.