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More evidence that we need to get out of all alliances, altogether. At the same time we need to rebuild our military with the old philosophy (now lost) that used to be the Strategic Air Command motto: “Peace is Our Profession” – as they kept 2-man crews in nuclear missile silos all over the midwest, and B-52s in the air orbiting near potential enemy borders that also held the capability of seriously attacking us. In other words, we become such a formidable force that anyone of any degree of sanity would not dare to attack us. And the crazies that choose to do so should be vaporized. Innocent collateral casualties would very likely be a result, but in the long run a lesson would be learned that it REALLY isn’t a good idea to attack the United States. Whatever anybody else does around the world might be sad, inhumane, etc., but we simply don’t have the capability of being the world policeman, and if the rest of the world isn’t up to the task of building their own defenses and taking truly moral stands on issues, we can’t fix that anyway. I truly believe in the law of natural consequences – let it act!

At the same time, we should take the Ron Paul approach and talk with anybody, trade with anybody willing to trade on a fair and equitable basis (which does NOT = using slave labor to produce goods that they sell us at massive over-prices).

There’s so much more that goes with all that, but it would be entirely off-topic, and wholly suitable for a completely new topic by itself.