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Not exactly, I don’t think. First, it will be far worse. BUT, I expect gold and silver to skyrocket. My best guess is that not TOO far down the road (but not weeks or probably even a few months), everything’s going to come crashing down. The Dem’s will help that along very nicely as they do all they can to destroy Trump, regardless of whether he gets a few things right or not. But eventually, the unimaginable debt, failing infrastructure, lack of significant manufacturing in this country, lack of understanding the role and functioning of government by anyone much under 60 anymore, etc., etc., etc., will finally come to a head and we’ll see the “perfect storm” finally hit. Or as Doug Casey says, we entered the eye of the hurricane 8 years ago after experiencing the front side of the storm, and we’re about to come out of the eye. All the while we’ve been in the relatively calm eye, that storm has been strengthening big time, and the back side is far worse than the “Great Depression.” When we come out of they eye, this Forum will be of primary relevance (thought we may not even be able to connect to it even for our own support group and “safe space” LOL!). It may be well into next year, or possibly even 2018 – they’ve manipulated things far better and longer than I ever dreamed they would.

John Williams at Shadowstats.com isn’t even issuing new predictions anymore – just reporting on the idiocy of what we’re being fed by the government and their communications arm, the media (there is no “news”). Here’s what he had to say the other day in his public synopsis of the material that’s only available to subscribers (boy would I LOVE to be able to afford to read what he’s telling his paid subscribers!):

• In Context of Pending Fiscal Stimulus, Long-Term U.S. Sovereign Solvency Issues Have to Be Addressed

• October Freight Index Continued in Low-Level Non-Recovery

• Post-Election Consumer Expectations Brightened Sharply, Although October Real, Median Household Income Continued to Stagnate

• Non-Credible and Unstable Third-Quarter Reporting Showed Growth of 3.2% for GDP, 5.2% for GDI and 3.1% for GNP

• Underlying Reality Remains Far from a Surging Economic Recovery

• Headline GDP Growth Remained Massively Inconsistent with Recession in Freight Traffic, Petroleum Usage, Corporate Revenues, Construction, Industrial Production and Broad Employment Indicators

Read each of those carefully. Note the words “non-recovery,” “continued to stagnate,” “non-credible and unstable,” and “massively inconsistent.” With respect to that last one, particularly pay attention to the long list in the last bullet point. Things ain’t lookin’ too good, kiddies!