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LOL! No sooner did I finish the above and go on to check news this morning, and I run across THIS article:

First India, Now Rumors Circulate About China Curbing Gold Imports

Want to guess how gold finished yesterday, or better yet, how it’s been doing since July? How about $1365 on 8 July and $1159 yesterday – over $200 drop in five months. And don’t think the skyrocketing of the $US is responsible for all that. Gold is down markedly in ALL currencies over the same period.

But of course we can easily understand that drop in the price of gold. It’s all because the world is so stable, manufacturing and consumption are all up nicely, there are no wars to speak of, no rumors of wars, just peace, freedom, and stability. So of course gold is down. [sarc/OFF]

Boys and girls, the letter for today is the letter “M.” Can anyone think of a word beginning with the letter “M?” Oh, very good Johnny – that’s TWO words! “Market Manipulation.”

For me, the word of the day might seem to be “BUY!” (If I could afford the stuff…. But then there’s always junk silver. Silver’s down 17% in that same 5-month period.)