Huge amounts of gold are held in temple treasuries in India. I don’t see them giving it up to the govt. Gold is an obsession with the upper-caste Indians. Gold jewelry is more desirable than money. I’m not sure this is a true article, and even if it is, most of the wealthy people there will be hiding their stashes. The poor are already so poor it doesn’t matter to them.

OK, clue me in. Why will the price of gold drop merely because India is not importing it???

And about the beauty of Indian women. If you had been to India, you would have seen many beautiful women and girls. Also very graceful. However, most do not age well especially if from the lower castes. Old and haggard by their 40s. And the rich upper-caste ones get way too heavy–fat is another sign of wealth in a society where most of the people are scrawny, poor and perpetually hungry.