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yeah so sympathetic you reload and keep shooting? I dont buy the crap of being scared, been in far worse never shot women and children even when it would be easier, safer they didnt comply. finding weapons, explosives on them.. Buried more friends and still dont justify that, its just a excuse of scared little boys playing at a mans job. Yeah you are scared but be a professional like you are paid to be. Been more time in the two way range many cops together over a life time of service.

I dont call 911, still work for that but not a cop.

not complying IS NOT EXCUSE TO USE LETHAL FORCE EVER, you where not in danger the public was not, you where a scared boy and decided to be a “hero” so to make sure you kept on shooting to cover your ass in over kill. There where no threatening moves there where no verbal threats there was no movement there was no weapon. this should be immediate suspension and retrain or firing, these guys will kill someone if left on patrol and you know it

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