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Add to this the strongly rumored ban on gold imports. Sumpin’s up big time in India. And as this article says, the drop in gold may not be due to Trump at all – but due to the expected ban on gold importation to India. Don’tcha just love it when governments try to micromanage and control everything?!? Kind of reminds me of the lower scale control being attempted in North Dakota, where the government is trying to convince people that they actually have the protestors health and welfare as their top priority, by banning protests after 5 December – because living conditions out there are not up to “government” standards. Like the American Indians haven’t had centuries of practice living in that area, under exactly those conditions, in the most sub-standard/inadequate of housing and conditions in the entire nation, generally. LOL!

Governments know all things! It’s about money and power, regardless of the issue, when government starts exerting control on human beings as general policy. India’s getting downright scary.