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Yes. I agree. Isn’t it great that Chairman Archambault is a man of reason who recognizes that even though he disagrees with policy, and exercises his right to protest it, he also doesn’t blindly claim it’s dark at noon on a cloudless day, as so many disruptive people do in society. Disagree with an election? Call it rigged, or stolen, or manipulated by the Russians. Disagree with the evidence in a police-involved shooting, with absolutely no evidence of wrong-doing by officers? Claim it was a cover-up. But David Archambault acknowledges that so far, until this ruling, the “legal” steps were in place for the pipeline to be able to go through. I agree – quite refreshing in these times.

Meantime, we’ll just keep on ignoring the rigging that HAS gone on, such as the filing for a DC Federal Court injunction on the Friday before Labor Day, followed within hours by the sudden movement of the construction equipment a full three miles forward from where they’d last dug up the land, in order to start digging up the land on which evidence had reportedly been found as the basis for the court injunction. Thank you to the people in the court system that tipped off the construction company so they could start plowing up the 8100 acres in question on Saturday of Labor Day weekend, thereby eliminating any evidence. And thank you to whoever chose not to charge anyone with obstruction of justice or evidence tampering, or whatever, thereby keeping it still fully “legal” for the pipeline to continue on.

Regardless of how anyone feels about the pipeline issue itself, our need for energy independence, or whatever, these kinds of “irregularities” abound in this case, but don’t make the mainstream media, thus leaving the project intact, “legally.” And David Archambault has acknowledged a reality rather than disregarding it. And he continues with his right to protest. Good man.